Investing in New Technology Standards


Layers of Trust

In an era of all-time low trust in major legacy institutions, a long term shift in business models and infrastructure is occurring. New layers are required to solve trust issues, built with more transparency, accountability, better data, financial access, and automation in mind.

The internet’s digital economy has given billions around the world the ability to conduct commerce and transfer information and value. For the first time, this value and data can now be owned with new cryptographic rails and transferred on parallel markets. More people are seeking skin in the game through alternative investments and digital assets. More people are looking to become sovereign individuals.

These developments are driving improved standards, security, ownership, and the advent of global finance 2.0. AI and ML will level the playing field across many industries, allowing individuals, including non-technical and non-experts, to bring their dreams to reality across business and creative. The adoption of AI will require additional layers of trust in areas such as proof of humanhood, identity, and open-source accountability. These forces will disintermediate incumbents or force them to adapt over time.

Since 2015, we have been among the top performing funds in the crypto market and have hardened experience through multiple cycles. We hunt the best liquid market and macro opportunities along with finding rare, talented, pragmatic founders building the future.

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Business Models are
Being Disintermediated

Financial Trust is
Being Automated

Software is
Being Open-sourced

Core Principles


Apply experience across a variety of fields (financial markets, macro, enterprise technology, open-source software) for pattern recognition and connecting the dots.


Simple, Impactful, KYR.

Build positions from first principles. Stay nimble and liquid to make impactful moves. Never over-intellectualize the market and KYR (know your risk). Winners average winners.


Crypto Ethos.

Understand the unique aspects, ethos, and cyclicality of global, 24/7 crypto markets. Be able to think like a retail investor. Maintain involvement in the open-source world.


Portfolio Support.

Maximize relationships with all founders we invest in. Support their growth, business development, future fundraising, and operational efforts until the company exits.


Market Psychology.

Markets are ultimately built on psychology. Stay grounded on the sentiment and pulse of the hivemind. Counter groupthink, mania, fear, and despair with opposing forces.


Data Complements Intuition.

Cut through the market noise by prioritizing raw, direct source data. More data is not necessarily better. Data is a complement to intuition, not a replacement.

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