Enabling Internet Freedom & Access


Building Trust in
the Digital Economy

In an era of all-time low trust in major legacy institutions, a long term shift in business models and infrastructure is beginning. New community-driven companies and user-first tech look to solve trust issues with more transparency, access, decentralization, open-source software, and better incentivization.

The birth of the digital economy has given billions around the world the ability to conduct commerce and transfer information and value over the internet. More people are able to work from anywhere, away from major business hubs. More people are seeking skin in the game and ownership through alternative investments and digital assets. More people are looking to become sovereign individuals.

These developments are driving a new cycle that will enable the digital ownership of one’s data, identity, and financial assets on the internetdisintermediating middle men and incumbents. New products, networks, and communities will be centered around aligning incentives and economics directly with users and customers under a new standard of transparency.

We partner closely with early stage companies and open-source projects around the world, building for this future and enabling internet freedom, access, democratization, and major societal efficiencies through technology.

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Business Models are
Being Disintermediated

Financial Trust is
Being Automated

Software is
Being Open-sourced

Core Principles and Focus


We have experience in a variety of fields such as open-source software, distributed systems, data science, machine learning, financial markets, and digital assets, along with market making and trading. Our network and knowledge is expansive in these areas and helps define our core philosophies.


Hands-on, Walk the Walk.

Unlike many investors, we actually use many of the products we invest in, along with introducing our network to new products to get additional feedback. We get our hands dirty and try to provide the most valuable and specific, high-signal feedback as possible to support founders along the way.


Quick, First Movers.

Our team is lean, focused, and anti-bureaucracy. We are highly transparent and move quickly to fund startups and projects when there is conviction on all sides. We are open-minded but very direct, and always give honest feedback, which are attributes that founders have greatly appreciated.


Long Term, First Principles.

Building world class technology companies takes time and we have a long-view investment horizon, supporting founders that build on long term, first principles. We often invest in follow-ons, bridge rounds, and Series As, along with strategically supporting a startup through its lifecycle.


Open-Source Champions.

We have been users, contributors, investors, and sellers of open-source software for over a decade and understand what it takes to build those unique network effects. We are true believers in open-source principles and the importance of building distributed, grassroots developer communities.


Crypto Community Ethos.

As early investors in Bitcoin and Ethereum, we understand the crypto ethos. Our commitment to exceptional returns is inextricably linked to our close involvement in helping open-source communities grow and being active in networks, grants, governance, and using and testing products.

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